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We provide a user-friendly and full-featured payroll experience combined with personal service and support.

Employees can access their paystubs and W-2s online, and can import their data into TurboTax.

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Cafeteria Plan

The perfect complement to payroll processing, a cafeteria plan enables pre-tax payroll deductions for insurance premiums and Health Savings Account contributions. 

Employees save on income and FICA taxes resulting in more disposable income.  The employer saves on payroll taxes as well.

Pays for itself! 
Activity-based fees ensure that your tax savings will always exceed the cost of the plan.  

401(k) / Retirement Plan
Consulting & Administration

Our focus is on designing and maintaining the best possible plan for your organization.  Independent and 100% fee based, we do not sell investments or receive indirect compensation from our investment partners. 

Our proactive approach will keep your plan on the leading edge.  Full integration with our payroll service eliminates compliance nightmares.